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 A pérola do Fair Doom

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Amvo Zero


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MensagemAssunto: A pérola do Fair Doom   Dom Dez 15, 2013 3:42 pm

rafab tentou fazer propaganda do mod dele - de novo. Log longo mas é engraçado.

<< Não era o rafab real, aparentemente foi outra pessoa de fake >>

<RafaelB> NO BFG
<AmvoZero> no prasma
<RafaelB> who test fairdoom with me?
<abbuw_> I can't.
<abbuw_> Sounds cool though
<RafaelB> i make local server very fast and send arquvos to all testers
<Revilution> sned the files you mean?
<Revilution> send*
<LinkBot> [ ZDaemon :: View topic - FairDOOM DM Project ]
<RafaelB> is work zandronum i hope
<Marcaek> future od doom dm? not gonna change
<Marcaek> and you're asking for money
<Marcaek> to rebalance the doom weaponry to be more "fair"
<RafaelB> yes
<RafaelB> make it iwad
<Marcaek> fucking lol
<Marcaek> dude you are not going to get anywhere
<RafaelB> i consegiu help from very brazil players
<Marcaek> the doom armory is fine, and people have been playing with the stock weapons for long enough to figure out why
<RafaelB> got 400$ now
<Marcaek> props
<Marcaek> your scam worked on some brazilians
<RafaelB> we play no bfg wad
<SyKoTiC> I can't even find a way to insult this retard.
<RafaelB> very better than is use bfg overpowered and super unbalanced
<LinkBot> [ fairdoom ]
<RafaelB> my wad
<RafaelB> to all testers
<Revilution> just dont do
<Revilution> he using a translator
<SyKoTiC> ban
<Boko> hammer
<RafaelB> me why?
<RafaelB> i no speak english sorry :/
<Boko> i speak banese
<SyKoTiC> No hablo taco.
<Marcaek> the doom weapons are fine
<RafaelB> bfg op
<Marcaek> no
<Marcaek> it's not
<RafaelB> ssg very balanced
<Boko> cock very balenced
<SyKoTiC> Very erect. Good yes. Wow.
<Boko> xD
<AmvoZero> i will give this a go
<Revilution> may i post the *generic popcorn gif* here?
<RafaelB> Thank you AmvoZero
<SyKoTiC> Generic.popcorn.gif
<RafaelB> i am happy you are civilizaod
<RafaelB> no like other all troll
<SyKoTiC> Take careful AmvoZero. Virus maybe wad in.
<Revilution> oh damn, he said the phrase
<Marcaek> lol
<RafaelB> sorry
<RafaelB> i just try get supporters
<RafaelB> my wad is not so badf
<SyKoTiC> Do you take pesos?
<RafaelB> bfg and plasma are very unfair
<RafaelB> and take no skill
<SyKoTiC> IF this is true, the people who make wads would have done this years ago.
<SyKoTiC> And i mean YEARS.
<SyKoTiC> Hell
<SyKoTiC> iD would have done it before them.
<SyKoTiC> What make think you better know than them, yes?
<RafaelB> i play doom since 2005 online and all brazil player agree bfg is op
<RafaelB> that why they play in gothicdm.wad with no bfg and no plasma
<SyKoTiC> All 10 of you.
<abbuw_> I can take on all 110 of you and lose 110 times
<abbuw_> I'd lose that is
<abbuw_> i suck
<SyKoTiC> ssg op.
<SyKoTiC> Fist pro.
<SyKoTiC> Support donate me, yes.
<RafaelB> fist no used weapon
<RafaelB> need buff
<RafaelB> same with chainsaw
<SyKoTiC> lmao wtf. WHAT
<CyBD> RafaelB seriously
<SyKoTiC> How could you even buff the fist
<SyKoTiC> Make it automatic?
<Marcaek> abbuw i prescribe some [NJ] FUNCRUSHER || DUEL32 Duel #1
<CyBD> i know that was a fail project
<SyKoTiC> Not even.
<CyBD> so don't try to ressurect it
<Boko> rofl
<RafaelB> it can be good
<SyKoTiC> No.
<SyKoTiC> Never.
<RafaelB> people are say shit but not trying
<RafaelB> try first
<RafaelB> talk shit after
<RafaelB> ok thanks
<abbuw_> Marcaek - I gave up on deathmatchs a long time ago.
<SyKoTiC> Not even if i was faced with someone in a closed room, no.
<CyBD> lel
<CyBD> i'm afraid to download it.
<SyKoTiC> Even the beserk can suck.
<SyKoTiC> Nothing can help the fist.
<RafaelB> buff it
<CyBD> i think DooM is perfect... and its unfair if u can't play in that style...
<SyKoTiC> Doom guy has as much fighting skills as stephen hawking.
<CyBD> i think u should play some Battlefield
<RafaelB> CyBD you suck
<RafaelB> i beat you in zdaemon
<CyBD> yeah.
<CyBD> Hellfire beats u
<RafaelB> no talk shit
<CyBD> god... taht guy sucks.
<RafaelB> about my wad
<RafaelB> i just want share with people
<CyBD> ok
<CyBD> no one is holding u back
<RafaelB> so i improve it
<SyKoTiC> You scammed 400 pesos out of people too.
<RafaelB> to future
<CyBD> like how u can share ur wad i can share my opinion
<CyBD> it sucks.
<CyBD> have a nice day
<SyKoTiC> Hell. Qunt already did what you did.
<Boko> xD
<SyKoTiC> Quntsrebalenced weapons.
<Boko> oh i thought u said Qent
<SyKoTiC> HE beat you to the fist punch. He didn't even buff it.
<SyKoTiC> I meant Qent but he does by qunt now.
<SyKoTiC> goes*
<Boko> rofl
<MiFU> <RafaelB> fist no used weapon
<MiFU> <RafaelB> need buff
<MiFU> you even beserk pack bro?
<SyKoTiC> Even then it sucks
<Boko> not in brutaldoom
<RafaelB> need more buff
<Qent> SyKoTiC: that's mainly for st weapons, but yep
<SyKoTiC> ^
<SyKoTiC> Point is valid.
<SyKoTiC> Why would you neef unding for this anyway.
<Marcaek> qentpistols are hilariouis
<RafaelB> i release my wad in zandronum forum soon
<SyKoTiC> Qunt did it for free.
<RafaelB> 1-2 weeks
<Qent> also mine doesn't work in zdaemon
<RafaelB> i balance it more
<RafaelB> before first real beta
<Boko> lol
<CyBD> try some CTF wads .. u have some talent... but to make the DooM "fair"... i think u should think more about it
<MiFU> what is this wad?
<Qent> asking money for it is... weird, though
<abbuw_> The reason the fist isn't used is because it's very impractical.
<Qent> MiFU:
<LinkBot> [ ZDaemon :: View topic - FairDOOM DM Project ]
<RafaelB> balance
<SyKoTiC> derp
<CyBD> wow Qent..
<abbuw_> Why punch someone when you have a fucking GUN?
<SyKoTiC> .wad*
<CyBD> u found it
<CyBD> haha.
<Qent> rebalances vanilla guns basically
<SyKoTiC> I wouldnt even give a penny for it.
<MiFU> Server not found
<MiFU> Firefox can't find the server at
<MiFU> owned
<Qent> abbuw_: because I'm a man and a half
<Qent> Derp.
<MiFU> mind you it is just probably me
<abbuw_> Lol Qent
<abbuw_> I am a quarter of a man
<SyKoTiC> Pony and a half*
<abbuw_> I am a dumpster midget
<Qent> RIP AND neigh what
<RafaelB> hey hey
<RafaelB> try wad first
<RafaelB> troll after
<RafaelB> is not so bad
<SyKoTiC> Some one host it
<MiFU> too bad
<SyKoTiC> I wanna laugh at him more so i have more reasons.
<LinkBot> [ fairdoom ]
<MiFU> i cant even access it
<Boko> too bad ban hammer...
<MiFU> ah here we go
<RafaelB> the wad
<LinkBot> [ Free guestbook - FairDooM Project Official Discussion Top - - Get your free guestbook now! ]
<Qent> RafaelB: where is the download link?
<Qent> oh
<RafaelB> mediafire man
<Qent> you just posted it derp
<RafaelB> it write in dehacked to work in zdaemon
<Marlus> lol
<Boko> your english is so bad lol
<SyKoTiC> host it plz.
<RafaelB> me brazil
<RafaelB> sorry
<SyKoTiC> me usa
<Boko> ikr
<RafaelB> if any portuguese speaker in here
<RafaelB> please talk me in private
<Guest11630> .host
<MiFU> ijon, may want to prepare an cacoward for <RafaelB>
<LinkBot> [ fairdoom ]
<Marlus> so what the hell is fairdoom, i just got back from the bathroom
<ijon> are you saying I can award cacowards?
<MiFU> nah I mean your special ones
<Revilution> rofl
<Boko> in 2005
<CyBD> fairdoom is a wad...
<MiFU> or whatever you do
<CyBD> that...
<SyKoTiC> Marlus, its a brazilian version of Qentrebalenced weapons.
<CyBD> had intention to make DooM fair
<SyKoTiC> He was funed for it too. wtf.
<CyBD> but it makes DooM ridiculous
<RafaelB> here again
<RafaelB> cause of flood
<SyKoTiC> funded*
<LinkBot> [ fairdoom ]
<AmvoZero> cacowards presents: ijon tichy
<RafaelB> i make irc channel
<Boko> lol
<Marlus> no offense but the BR's are more suited towards redefining COOP
<RafaelB> to talk about fairdoom
<Marlus> and I don't mean brutal doom
<Marlus> DOOMERO/Revilution anyone?
<Boko> well u were right about sgt mark
<Marlus> lol :p
<RafaelB> i like nightmarr
<CyBD> i'm Brazilian and thats not BR's idea.. its RafaelB idea..
<CyBD> thanks
<Revilution> heh
<Revilution> don't envolve me bro
<RafaelB> i am very good in survival in nightmare
<Marlus> np
<Revilution> involve*
<Revilution> lol
<Marlus> Revi I like Hunter's Moon BTW
<Marlus> Finally got to try it a few days ago
<CyBD> Rev is an example
<CyBD> of good wad maker.
<RafaelB> actually i think i am the best nightmare coop player from brazil
<CyBD> and he is brazilian.
<Marlus> <3
<SyKoTiC> Can we go back on topic
<SyKoTiC> and host this wad.
<Boko> werent u working on a awesome map a while back rev
<MiFU> no
<MiFU> god forbid you go back on topic in #zandronum
<MiFU> it is impossibroooo
<Marlus> lol
<SyKoTiC> Get back to work, mifu.
<MiFU> rofl
<RafaelB> hey hey hey
<RafaelB> my wad
<abbuw_> I don't even know the staff in here.
<RafaelB> please
<Revilution> dude i'm working on a INFINITE MAP, i never finish that things, lack of ideas
<Boko> i'm zbi
<Revilution> but somehow, today i touched it
<SyKoTiC> RafaelB host the wad on a server please.
<Qent> hey it doesn't look too bad
<RafaelB> i host local
<RafaelB> net 1 mb
<RafaelB> from brasil
<Qent> SyKoTiC: what maps
<RafaelB> gothicdm.wad
<MiFU> yea this is not rly bad, but
<CyBD> god...
<SyKoTiC> i dont faqking know.
<SyKoTiC> Dm maps
<MiFU> i would not play it online
<SyKoTiC> map07 if you have too.
<SyKoTiC> It has op bfg
<SyKoTiC> and op plasma
<RafaelB> gothicdm.wad
<Marlus> fuck that, plasma's not OP
<RafaelB> nocell.wad
<Marlus> you still ahve to lead your target
<SyKoTiC> MArlus, according to RafaelB it is.
<Qent> it would be good for old maps that don't know how to give people a gun when they spawn >:(
<Boko> plasma is hella not op
<MiFU> no guys
<MiFU> seriously
<MiFU> everything is op
<MiFU> including me
<Marlus> BFG is HELLA OP though, i had the mispleasure of ...
<Marlus> T_T
<Boko> australia is op
<Marlus> ^lol
<MiFU> yes
<MiFU> yes it is
<SyKoTiC> #zandronum is op.
<Boko> lol
<Marlus> #zandronum 4 president
<SyKoTiC> It begins.
<Boko> igor is op
<CyBD> wheres Jesus when we need him...
<SyKoTiC> Jesus is op.
<RafaelB> hey hey hey
<SyKoTiC> He can turn water into wine
<RafaelB> host it fast
<SyKoTiC> A op alchoholic.
<abbuw_> Jesus is a lie!
* Boko changes nick to Jesus
<Boko> im a lie
<Revilution> needs Jesus here to use his Cancer skills
<SyKoTiC> Jesus from The Big Lebowski?
<RafaelB> original bfg was not like that
* abbuw_ is now known as Jesus was a lie
<RafaelB> it was fair
<CyBD> does Jesus has cancer?
<RafaelB> and balanced
<Revilution> no
<RafaelB> and taked more skill
<MiFU> hey RafaelB
<Revilution> Jesus causes cancer
<Boko> jesus should save rafaelb's wad from being so unfair
<CyBD> oh.
<MiFU> bfg is fine as it is
<Revilution> natural skill of the family
<CyBD> it really makes sence
<CyBD> sense*
<CyBD> god..
<RafaelB> but i don't like it and i make wad
<CyBD> nop
<RafaelB> to make it good
<RafaelB> to my taste
<RafaelB> people like it cause it op
<CyBD> u should try again...
<SyKoTiC> I dont even.
<SyKoTiC> I carnt even.
<MiFU> you still need to have skill when using the bfg
<Boko> is it like halo?
<MiFU> because sometimes it dun work
<RafaelB> still op
<RafaelB> check fairdoom.wad
<SyKoTiC> lol
<Boko> halo doom was good though
<RafaelB> and you see balanced bfg
<SyKoTiC> Gun fucks up = OP
<Boko> cept actors were too tall
<CyBD> Brazilians says: BFG is so op. but they likes ssg... u just needs some skill... god.
<CyBD> Jesus needs to help this people
* Boko igor turns into jesus
<MiFU> I think all of you should just talk about something else
<MiFU> and no
<MiFU> boko igor does not exist
<MiFU> igor does though
<Marlus> BTW Revi
<SyKoTiC> Invasion Unleashed Evil Withen. Lets talk about that.
<Boko> nu he died and got resurrected
<Marlus> Actually, nvm
<Revilution> lol
<RafaelB> my wad
<RafaelB> please
<CyBD> ok lets talk about pizza..
<CyBD> do u guys likes pizza?
<Boko> fak im hungry
<CyBD> i love pizza...
<MiFU> I had pizza last night
<MiFU> good stuff
<CyBD> yeah i'm hungry too... pizza is comming home finally
<MiFU> also
<Revilution> someone noticed one thing, this general chat is almost always without a subject
<MiFU> <SyKoTiC> Invasion Unleashed Evil Withen. Lets talk about that.
<MiFU> Yea
<W1D3A5S> nou
<RafaelB> so talk my wad
<MiFU> lets talk about this
<RafaelB> and host plz
<Revilution> came a brazilian with a fair wad and *bam* we have a subject so flooding
<W1D3A5S> we just kfc'd right here
<MiFU> subjects everywhere
<MiFU> hey RafaelB
<MiFU> if you want it hosted
<MiFU> go to #bestever
<MiFU> and learn how to make an server there
<RafaelB> you help me?
<MiFU> just a few special commands
<MiFU> ummm
<AmvoZero> im afraid that will be hard.
<Marlus> with all due respect, i'm not involved in any of this
<LinkBot> [ Best. Ever. Servers ]
<Marlus> for once i'm gonna ham on my side project tonight
<Unholypimpin> lets talk about how poor kids in africa are starving and dieing
<MiFU> that website has instructions
<Liraxus> What the...?!
<CyBD> yeah
<RafaelB> i hard undestand english
<RafaelB> :s
<W1D3A5S> because of you lindsay lohan is getting her 34932nd turd renewal because obamacare cant afford her tiny little sock hanging upon the perdue chicken

just outside my glove box
<CyBD> thats an impressive
<CyBD> thing.
<Liraxus> Ok, obligatory ninja gaiden refference aside
<Qent> RafaelB: server's up
<CyBD> i think they shold have some money out there
<RafaelB> thank you sir
<Liraxus> ...Dah, Zamapping.
<CyBD> and buy some beer
<MiFU> there you go
<CyBD> and some pizza
<Qent> MiFU: wanna see too?
<MiFU> i suppose
<AmvoZero> need dmflegs
<AmvoZero> flEgs
<Revilution> flegs.....
<CyBD> wait...
<Revilution> FLEEEGS...
<Liraxus> What.
<CyBD> flegs.
<Liraxus> You people be crazy.
<CyBD> wait are u guys going to test "fair doom"?
<CyBD> ur kidding me?
<Revilution> just having my 5 sec of retarded
<AmvoZero> ofc y not bby
<CyBD> flegs
<Revilution> i'll just spec on that
<Marlus> Actually, just out of curiosity, does anyone know anyone who assembles huds? or can at least give a few pointers about this kind of thing?
<CyBD> ur kidding me..
<CyBD> ok i'm gonna download it..
<MiFU> Qent
<MiFU> where is this server?
<Marcaek> the mod sucks
<Revilution> Marlus, what you didn't understanded in SBARINFO?
<Marcaek> and you're still complaining about a bfg that's slower and uses 100 cells?
<Marcaek> maybe your circle of elite brazilians isn't as good as you think
<CyBD> whats the name of server? Brazilian Fair Wad?
<Marcaek> :: [BE] New York :: The Library > GothicDM with FairDoom
<Marcaek> i won with +8 spread using mostly shotgun
<SyKoTiC[Gaming]> its so bad
<SyKoTiC[Gaming]> So bad
<Revilution> wtf i dont have gothic dm
<CyBD> god god..
<SyKoTiC[Gaming]> Its all just fastweapons
<Hypnotoad__> gothic dm is shit
<CyBD> i need to agree
<Hypnotoad__> although it looks nice
<CyBD> i'm gonna download gothic.
<SyKoTiC> I feel like i need to put the wad on a flash drive and crush it in order to kill it.
<SyKoTiC> The urinate on it.
<SyKoTiC> then*
<abbuw_> I love UDMF -
<abbuw_> Rotations slopes scaling and specific texture brightness
<abbuw_> and flat offsets
<Revilution> right that wad is tense
<Revilution> BFG with splash
<Revilution> epic win dude
<LinkBot> [ A Nuclear Attack Scenario: Blizzard Attack - YouTube ]
<Revilution> someone want give a try to my CTF?
* Revilution completely ignored
<Marcaek> there's a pub ctf channe;
<Revilution> oh damn, going search it in the pile of chans
<Marcaek> #rexnay
<Hypnotoad__> doesnt it have the most retarded name ever
<Hypnotoad__> yep
<Marcaek> yeah
<Marcaek> why not just #pub
<Revilution> ah that why i didnt find it
<Marcaek> nobody's using it
<Revilution> sad, only 8 ppl
<Revilution> but well i just to take a review about the maps
<Revilution> i just want*
<Marcaek> well
<Marcaek> what you could try is hosting it yourself
<Revilution> yea
<Marcaek> and announcing it here
<Marcaek> just don't mass highlight
<Revilution> i'll try it in BE
<Marcaek> or you'll piss people off
<Marcaek> yeah
<Marcaek> i'll come along for a bit i guess
<Revilution> but i'll not play, i suck alot on competitive mode in Doom
<Revilution> just is Doom, thats ironic
<Revilution> just in*
<Marcaek> bleh
<Marcaek> play anyway
<Revilution> that sounds a bit retarded but surely
<Revilution> i play very bad at competitive
<Marcaek> if you don't play you don't improve
<Marcaek> at all
<Revilution> funny thing, i improve by others review, my own is just single player tests
<Marcaek> i've been playing since 2005 and there are still a good number of people who are better
<Marcaek> that doesnt stop me from playing
<Revilution> to find map bugs, textures, actors etc...
<Revilution> well i play since 2006
<Revilution> Doom multiplayer of course, Doom i met in my Win95
<Marcaek> gonna play a round of nitro first
<Marcaek> then i'll join
<RafaelB> is fairdoom good?
<Revilution> nope
<SyKoTiC> its awful
<SyKoTiC> you might as well play with fastweapons 1

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MensagemAssunto: Re: A pérola do Fair Doom   Dom Dez 15, 2013 4:30 pm

que merda cara!
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A pérola do Fair Doom
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